Fuel Testing

Fuel Testing


Fuel Testing is an absolute must in any critical facility in order to avoid the potential effects of fuel contamination.

Our comprehensive fuel testing service is known industry wide to be reliable as we take extra care in both the collection of the fuel and the way we analyse it. When taking the fuel we get fuel samples from multiple areas of the tank, this ensures we get a true reflection of how bad the contamination problem is.

Once we get our sample, our purpose built in-house laboratory can quickly analyse fuel for contaminants and properties to ensure the fuel is within safe operating limits.

Once we have successfully provided the data from our fuel Surveys we will then be able to prescribe various ways fix the issues whether that be though Fuel Filtration, Tank Cleaning or Fuel uplifts. .

We also offer a product where you can take samples yourself. You can order a sampling kit here or we can visit your site and take one for you, we recommend that samples are taken from the top, middle and bottom of the tank. This will help us understand the levels of contamination and any other issues affecting the reliability of the fuel.

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